Mrs Egere and her family

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Mrs Egere and her family

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

Mrs. Egere and her family ran into hard times when her husband Mr. Egere who was a taxi driver was jailed for the loss of the vehicle he was driving. He lost the vehicle to armed robbers.

With their breadwinner in jail, the family was sent packing from their rented apartment when they could not afford the rent.  Mrs. Egere with her five children (three males, two female) erected a shack by the fence of a partially completed building in a residential area in Sangotedo community. The shack was too small for the family, so the boys resorted to sleeping anywhere they could lay their heads. Confronted with this hash hopelessness, one of the boys Eseogene Egere turned to substance use. He got hooked and began to live in the streets. That was when Adullam: king David’s cave members met him during one of our outreaches. Because treatment for substance abuse involves taking care of the predisposing factors, we had to do something about the family’s precarious situation for two reasons

1) So, when Ese receives treatment and gets better, he will come back to a better living condition with hope for a better tomorrow.

2) To forestall a reoccurrence: we were particularly worried about the girls (who were between age 13 and 16) turning to prostitution.

So the organization made available the sum of one hundred and fifty thousand naira for Mrs. Egere to start a small scale business in order to be able to feed the children and get a better living environment.  While we made arrangements for Eseogene to be taken to the psychiatric hospital for medical treatment.